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What we love about Riley the most is that she is obedient but still maintains that spunky spirit we adore.


Our puppies will provide your family with many years of love, joy, companionship and fun.

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He has proven me wrong. More…

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They are generally very friendly toward children, but because of their poodle characteristics especially, they can be high strung and can exhibit "alpha dog" characteristics toward their humans if they are not properly trained right away. More…

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Goldendoodles are typically affectionate and friendly, and Rosewood Kennel LLC would not knowingly place a puppy with an unsound temperament with any family. However, no one can guarantee the future temperament of a dog due to environmental influences, improper training or socialization, neglect or abuse. Therefore, Rosewood Kennel LLC does not warrant such. It's worth noting that a Goldendoodle's parent breed's ancestry is that of a hunter and water dog and that they can have shaggy coats much like that of a Retriever or a relaxed curl type coat that resembles that of a Poodle with many Goldendoodles having a coat that's somewhere in between the two. Today, the Goldendoodle which is also sometimes referred to as a Groodle remains not only a wonderful family pet, but they are also very versatile and highly valued working dogs too. They are wonderful PAT dogs and have helped handlers as service dogs too.

All are of the most common color type of goldendoodles, white.

Poodles are very intelligent so they require plenty of mental stimulation in addition to daily exercise.

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